About Us

With the shifting in technology, all aspects of business are more interconnected then ever. That's why we offer the benefits of having your website, design, marketing, hosting, data, IT and support all in one place.

KitsapOnline began in 2004 as a place to help and support the locally owned busineses. We started as a design and development company serving the Kitsap Peninsula. Since that time we have grown into a full service web development, hosting, design, data management and marketing firm that serves national and international clients. We have become "Your Web Team" for hundreds of clients in the Kitsap Peninsula and the Olympic Peninsula areas. We believe in being a solutions provider for any and all of our client’s website design, marketing, hosting, and data needs, providing a local solution for the locally owned businesses.  Get to know us and see how working with our team can benefit your organization.

Over the years I have found this extremely useful to know my clients. mindset and to have a more personalized company. My clients appreciate it and it helps to make sure that they know that we care about our clients.

When it comes to choosing a webhost there are a number of factors that make local hosting attractive to business owners. Local hosting companies can provide a personal touch when it comes to customer service. One phone call connects the small business owner to a person instead of an automated phone tree. Using one hosting company that manages and resolves all website administration and technical problems saves the small business time.

Small business owners are able to meet with the Web hosting company personnel in person. The owners are able to establish a professional business relationship with the Web hosting company.

Web hosting with a local hosting provider also offers speed and performance advantages for small businesses. Website owners should know that a locally hosted website loads approximately three times faster than hosting the website with an international Web hosting company, because the site visitors are physically closer to the website data center. Customers save time because they are able to load the website at a faster pace in their browsers. This makes it easier for prospective buyers to find what they are looking for more efficiently. Satisfied customers will return to the website more frequently. Search engines such as Google often use geographic location of site as a ranking factor.

Small business owners should keep other considerations in mind while learning how to choose a Web host. These include enough bandwidth to a handle a large volume of visitors to the website, number of email accounts that are allowed to be created by the locally hosted company, the enhancement of customer reliability and website security. Small business owners need to know how to choose a Web host according to the best features and services needed by the business instead of by the lowest price.