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Need Hosting?

Start with Kitsap Hosting services

Kitsap Hosting service is simple enough for everyone to use, from the novice who wants to set up a new website to business owners who need powerful tools to expand their website to a new level.

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Need a Domain Name?

Get one with KitsapHosting's Domain Services

Kitsap Domain services include domain name registration and transfer, a key ingredient in helping to make it easier for you to host, build and manage your website, all in one place.

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Need to build a Website?

Get one started with KitsapHosting's Site Builder

Use the KitsapHosting Site Builder to build your own website online! Easy enough for anyone to use, it is a great starting point to get your website online and live for everyone to see.

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Kitsap Hosting - A local Kitsap Washington Area Hosting Service

Why Use a Local Web Host?

It's official: business prefer to host their websites locally! Host Advise is an online comparison service that has released a recent survey regarding web hosting services. Host Advise has determined the profitability of Web hosting companies by taking the number of each company's total number of hosted sites and dividing that number by the total hosted sites of the industry over the same time-period. One of the survey findings was that only 20.7 percent of the revenues generated by the top 10 hosting companies comprise the website hosting market. The data also shows that when choosing a web host, the majority of small business owners worldwide prefer local web hosting.

In order to have a website, you'll most likely need a domain name and a web host. There are a lot of great providers out there that will offer both web hosting and the domain name. However, you may not be aware of local web hosting providers in your area. Do a quick search online and see if any exist in your area. Having a local web host can be very beneficial.

Local Web Hosting

Usually when a domain is purchased, website hosting is also offered and it's really convenient to purchase it then too. But if you're willing to work locally, your web host can set everything up for you.

Benefits of Local Website Hosting

  • Relationship - Knowing someone locally will help establish a more 'real' business relationship.
  • Face-to-Face - You can always meet in person.
  • Customer Service - if you need help, you can pick up the phone and be able to talk with someone instead of an automated machine.
  • Will usually handle all of your web admin and technology issues, saving you valuable time.

Disadvantage of Using a Local Website Provider

  • Availability - You may not be able to contact your web host around the clock. Be sure to check with your local website hosting provicer.
  • Cost - sometimes local web hosting can be a little bit more expensive. Sometimes people look at this as a disadvantage. However, I don't believe paying a couple extra dollars is a true disadvantage. With local hosting, I think you get a little bit more personalized service. And you are always able to call and speak with someone you trust. These days, there should be more value placed on customer service, and one of the best ways to get this is to buy local.

Web Hosting Recap

Again, even though the cost may be slightly higher than what you currently pay, working with a local web host has it's benefits. Although paying for the storage and bandwidth can be done anywhere, using a local web host will allow you to get more personal and friendly service.